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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jul 20

I'm going to answer the questions that I actually get asked the most, rather than use this FAQ post as a clever device to answer the questions that no one's asking even though I want to answer them.

Why do you spell your business name that way (Yew vs You)?

In short, it's a reference to the Yew tree which was sacred to my Celtic ancestors. It symbolizes transformation, regeneration, and rebirth which I thought was very appropriate to the type of work I do.

And also, I really like the wordplay.

What the [Bleep] are Ninja Sessions?

They're appointments that I offer to current clients (only!) at times I'm not normally open, like (some) Saturdays or (some) Holidays. They're also stealthy because I only publicize them up to one week in advance on social media and in the open appointment email I send out weekly (you can sign up right on your intake form... I'm just saying). Because they're only offered to current clients, they're not listed online and are only available by emailing or texting me.

Why does your service menu have so few things on it?

For two reasons. First, I like to keep things simple. Second, it reflects the way I work. I mix and match techniques based on your issues and how your body responds to the work I'm doing.

Why won't you go as deep as I want? (i.e. Why won't you make it hurt?)

Simple answer: Physiology. The only way a muscle can protect itself is to contract. Since we're trying to achieve the opposite result, massaging to the point of pain is counterproductive. Bonus: By not causing a protective contraction and then using even more pressure to counter it, the amount of next day soreness you might experience is greatly reduced.

Why don't you do hot stone massage or other spa services?

Because I don't enjoy doing spa services.

Do you do couples massage?

No. I'm only one person so I can't work on two people at once. Also, I don't have the room in my office to do two massages at once and I don't particularly like doing them anyway.

Will you volunteer to do massage at my event?

Probably not. Large events are overstimulating to me and I only volunteer my services to charities I personally support. But even then, I'm usually volunteering some other way... not by giving massage at an event.

Can I hire you to do chair massage at my business/event?

No. I don't like doing chair massage and it's not a good representation of my massage skills.

Can I make an appointment for a day you're not open?

Not unless I'm offering Ninja Sessions that day and you have access to that knowledge by being a current client.

Do you ever plan to be open more days per week?

Yes, but only as additional days are sustainable.

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