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The service menu is simple. There are only three services and maximum three session times for each. That's it. No more decision fatigue as you wade through a list of techniques you don't know and can't pronounce.


Pricing is simple too. The length of the session determines the cost. One session length costs the same no matter which service it is. 

black female with dreds lying facedown on massage table receiving massage

Massage and Bodywork

The perfect blend of massage and bodywork techniques for your unique needs. 

There are no cookie cutter massage routines here. Each session is crafted with your input to make sure it addresses the specific needs you have that day. We'll discuss the issues you want addressed, what your end goals are, all the comfort related things like heat, bolstering, and pressure, as well as the types of bodywork I think may help you - especially if they're not very "massage-y."

60 minutes = $80

90 minutes = $105

2 hours = $130

Targeted Sessions

Designed for those who have headaches, TMJD, carpal tunnel, or plantar fasciitis.

Each session will focus on just one area so you can get maximum pain relief. You will remain fully clothed for these sessions.

To make sure the targeted area is accessible, please wear or bring the following:
Headache/TMJD - Tank top or scoop neck t-shirt

Carpal Tunnel - short-sleeved shirt

Plantar Fasiitis - shorts

30 minutes = $50

60 minutes = $80

Chelle doing bodywork for carpal tunnel syndrome
Reiki on head.jpg
a white woman, lying face up, receiving reiki to her head


Perfect as a stand alone service for stress or as a complement to other therapies.

Reiki is just one of many types of energy work you can receive at New Yew. As with my bodywork sessions, I mix and match the various styles to best address your issues that day. I've lumped them all under Reiki for 2 reasons:
1. Reiki's the most well-known of them
2. The biggest difference between them all is the order in which you're supposed to move around the body when you're working.

60 minutes = $80

90 minutes = $105

2 hours = $130

Cancellation Fees

Please give at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations. Failure to give adequate notice may result in a cancellation charge. If you give less than 4 hours notice you may be charged full price. 

Illness and emergencies may receive an exemption on a case by case basis. 

Fee Schedule

30 minute  =  $25

60 minute  =  $40

90 minute  =  $50

120 minute = $65

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