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What People Are Saying


One of the easiest ways to determine if my work is a good fit for you is to find out what other people are saying about their experiences. Below is a sampling of the reviews I've received on Google, Facebook, and Bodywork Buddy - the scheduling system I use. Be sure to follow the link below the samples to see all of the reviews on each site.

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What clients are saying on Google

"After getting an amazing massage that worked out a LOT of tension and built up pain from more than a year of COVID-related deaths and other trauma, I just bought my mom a gift certificate for her 80th birthday. I'm 110% confident it will be the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience my mom has ever had. Michelle is HIGHLY trained in human anatomy and massage-related techniques, especially for those with problematic issues; she totally understands how to address them."- Kymie S


"After I left the 30 minute plantar fasciitis session yesterday, I came home and walked around barefoot in my kitchen! Then I slept better that I have in six weeks with no leg, hip, or heel pain. Awaking this morning, the pain is 95% GONE! After a month of fighting this and all the related ankle pain and leg fatigue, I am blown away with these results!" - Sherryl 

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What clients are saying on Facebook

"Michelle truly has a gift to provide therapeutic massage along with the aromatherapy she offers. I have been to many massage therapists in my life, but Michelle can know what your needs are just by putting her hands on you. She has an incredible sense through touch to know what you need help with, without you even telling her. But she always asks...what do you want to work on today? I am grateful for her care and am glad I found her as a massage therapist." - Cheryl

""The best compliment you can give is the referral of family and friends." That's my business motto, and one I also exercise regularly, especially when it comes to Michelle and massage and aromatherapy. She provides attention to detail, a comfortable environment, and you know you are her sole focus when she's working with you. Michelle is thoroughly skilled in what she offers. And pricing is quite appropriate. Excellent all the way around! - Sabrina

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Bodywork Buddy 

What clients are saying on Bodywork Buddy

"Michelle is an awesome healer. She listens to your needs and adjusts her massage to address the targeted area. She is a master who engages in continuous learning to provide the best care for you." - Judy B

"Michelle has saved me from weeks of pain and too many NSAIDS so many times, I can honestly say that my life is much improved because of her skills. I live in fear of her moving away because I don't think I could find another massage therapist who understands how to deliver pain relief the way she does." - Sherryl

"Always professional and always expert. I'm a physician and always impressed by her command of the detailed anatomy and the science of how muscles work. A very talented professional." - Craig

"I have had some interesting challenges that Michelle has been able to problem solve and give me incredible relief. She has amazing knowledge of how muscles all work together which translates to great relief of symptoms when she does her magic. I highly recommend her."

- Kelly R

"Michelle took the time to assess my body before the session and brought things to my attention that no other masseuse has ever noticed before. Her techniques were well-tailored to my needs. Her space is soothing and welcoming. Wonderful!" - Kelly A

"Michelle has been my massage therapist for more than 10 years. She works wonders on my angry muscles. She's able to bring relief to pain and at the same time relaxation. She also refrains from strong odor oils which is important for me as someone sensitive to scents." - Anne

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